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Yofun Cat Toys

The yofun cat toy is the newest and most fun version of 360 self rotating cat toy! This new version has a new rotating arm that is sure to keep your cat entertained! This toy is also rechargeable, so you can stay happy and keep them occupied for hours on end!

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

By Cat Dancer

USD $4.19

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The new and newest yofun cat toys is the 360 degree self rotating ball! This new version has more playfully join the round ball with your feline friend. The ball can be placed in any location and can even be rotated. Yofun has included everything you need to get your cat playing. The ball is made of durable materials that will not cause any damage over time. The new yofun cat toys is sure to keep your feline friend entertained!
the yofun cat toys are the newest and most interactive cat toys on the market. This new version of the ballcatcher has been created with a 360 degree self rotating ball in order to keep your cat entertained. With these new features, there is no need to run and hide when your cat favourite character comes around the house. The ball can even be used as a safe place for your cat to play and cuddle.
this interactive cat toy has a 360° rotating ball thatfahed takes great pride in creating. The ball has a durable led light that will light up when fahed is around, making it an easy way for him to be visible to his feline friend. Additionally, there is a second ball light available that can be attached to a clothes hanger for easy attachment to the inside of his home.